Video: ICYMI Denver Startup Week’s Future of Healthcare

During Denver Startup Week’s annual healthcare event, Orderly Health amid innovative companies such as Redox, Dispatch Health, and CirrusMD, presented to the Colorado health tech community. 

Orderly Health’s founders Kevin Krauth and Kit Kieling presented, Flying Cars? Colonies on Mars? How Healthcare Will or Will Not Live Up to Our Visions of the Future, which focused on the Denver-based companies who are building the future of healthcare.

The Future of Healthcare with Orderly Health

Much of Orderly Health’s presentation focused on the advancements in healthcare technology. And the importance of health tech moving forward. But not all innovations in health tech are easily accessible for patients. Why is that? Many reasons point to lack of communication across key channels and utilization of bad data. Therefore, the healthcare infrastructure needs more support for more innovations to make the right impact.

“Tech advancements don’t matter if we don’t get the basics right, but if we build with these needs in mind, the vision of the future remains bright.” 

— Kevin Krauth , CEO & Co-Founder of Orderly Health

Jumping forward with revolutionary gains isn’t possible with the existing healthcare challenges of bad communication and lack of collaboration. Technology isn’t going to be enough if the infrastructure isn’t strong to support these advancements. For example, provider data automation to provide reliable, accurate data to patients. In the world of providers, payers, and health tech companies, this means building out the backend technologies that manage communications and provider data in a scalable way. Then, technology innovators can easier align multiple stakeholders to one shared goal and vision. Additionally, this will allow patients and doctors to seamlessly transport data and keep all touch points more connected.

If people cannot access the right care with the right provider and the right time–and trust the provider data–we are putting healthcare at risk for this level of potential. 

National Healthcare Trends Originating in Colorado

It’s an exciting time for healthcare tech in Colorado. The centennial state is home many of the leading edge companies focused on building and navigating the infrastructure for healthcare’s future.

  • Redox – building out the backend data infrastructure to make healthcare more interoperable and care more accessible.
  • Dispatch Health – one of the companies rethinking traditional models of care, helping make care accessible by bringing urgent care to people’s home.  
  • Sondermind – taking a comprehensive approach to delivering mental health, in person and virtually.
  • Credo – ensuring the next step in digitizing charts is more efficient and responsive for providers. 
  • CirrusMD – a company leading the charge for the next generation of telehealth solutions
  • Orderly Health – empowering providers, payers, and health tech companies to take control of their provider data with accuracy, reliability, and automated solutions.

Watch the full 30-minute presentation here:

Want to know more about how companies are solving some of the biggest problems in healthcare? Listen to this podcast from Rise of the Next featuring Orderly Health’s co-founder and CEO, Kevin Krauth. 

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