Bringing Order
To Provider Data

We have your data covered

We empower healthcare providers, payers, and tech companies to take control of their data with accurate, reliable, and automated solutions.


The Human Cost of Bad Data

30% of provider data
changes each year

Reliable provider data is foundational to patient access. Inaccurate data leads to poor patient and member experiences, delays in care, and ultimately, worse health outcomes.

Our Solution

Accurate and Reliable Data

Orderly Health uses AI and machine learning to seamlessly process and integrate provider roster updates and delivers a centralized, trustworthy provider directory for market intelligence and increased patient access.

Roster Automation Suite

Set and forget your provider
network updates

Decrease upstream data errors by up to 94% while accelerating your update processing from days to minutes with Roster Automation Suite.

Orderly Provider Directory

Your source of truth powered
by real-time data

Access the Orderly Provider Directory on-demand from curated and data science-backed sources to find the right clinician, understand a specific population, or dive into entity profiles and hierarchies.

Bridging The Data Gap

A platform solution for the entire
healthcare ecosystem

Orderly Health is built to bridge data gaps across all healthcare organizations. Whether your goal is market planning, patient access, regulatory compliance, or process optimization—we have a solution for that.



  • Stay compliant with regulations
  • Automate your network updates
  • Lower manual burden on your staff
  • Improve your member satisfaction

Health Technology

  • Access reliable provider data backed by data science
  • Use a tool curated for your use case
  • Power your current workflows and products with on-demand access to provider data


  • Reduce data errors
  • Streamline your network updates
  • Reduce your risk of network leakage with centralized provider information
  • Gain market intelligence in your region
  • Understand the nuances of clinician populations
  • Fine tune recruitment using a trusted data source

Is Orderly
The Platform For You?

The data says yes!


1.6 million entities

With Entity Profiles, in our directory, you can identify and understand the complex relationships of healthcare organizations


100% of providers

With over 5.9 million practitioner profiles in Orderly Provider Directory you have access to every practitioner with an NPI

94%circle (1)

94% error reduction

With machine learning technology, you can confidently catch more errors sooner using Roster Automation Suite

What people
are saying:

“I give Orderly a 10. The talent, out-of-the-box thought process, eagerness, and willingness to work as a team to achieve the goal are incredible.”

Director, Provider Network Operations
Large Regional Payer

“Any customer would be lucky to find a team/vendor as willing as our Orderly team to work hand in hand to find the best possible solution.”

Database Administrator
Clinical Health System

“We like to compare other vendors to Orderly, we consider this to be the gold standard.”

Manager, Provider Operations
Regional Payer


Reliable data is possible. Let’s get started.