Orderly Provider Directory

Reliable clinician data across the healthcare ecosystem

The Orderly Provider Directory combines real-time physician data in a transparent, comprehensive directory that any organization will trust.

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API-enabled data

Orderly keeps provider data sources updated monthly for real-time access as the data changes

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Verified data sources

Orderly compiles provider data from public, private, and manually verified sources into one reliable and transparent directory

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Powered by AI

Orderly runs provider data through a series of proprietary algorithms that help eliminate provider directory errors

20-30% of your provider data will be out of date within one year

Orderly Provider Directory can help you prevent this with a reliable source of provider data.

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Always on and up to date

  • Keep confident using an up-to-date directory that refreshes with each data update for the most current provider data
  • Maintain visibility to your provider data with timestamps so you’ll never miss an update again
  • Trust your data integrity with our data directory that is validated using a proprietary algorithm to eliminate errors

Easy integration

  • Streamline your workflows using accurate data when you need it most with a flexible API-driven platform
  • Keep your workflows intact with data that generates in any format (e.g. JSON, XLSX, CSVs, etc.)
  • Easily find practitioners using an API-enabled elastic search that populates records in real-time
  • Gain confidence and support using the Orderly Provider Directory tool with a dedicated customer success team that guides you along the way
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Accessible single-source-of-truth

  • Orderly Provider Directory is adapted to your use case, whether it’s market growth, referral management, pharmacy coordination, or network creation
  • Quickly access critical provider contact information through a wide range of data fields customized to your search needs
  • Have more trust in your provider data as it is compiled and validated from public, private, and attested Orderly sources
  • Get flexible data and the ability to aggregate a large amount of information in a centralized, organized way

“We’ve been impressed with the accuracy of the data.”

Pharmacy Tech Company

How our customers are succeeding with reliable provider data

1.3 billion

Data points managed by Orderly Provider Directory


Practioner phone number fill rate in Orderly Provider directory

5.4 million

Practioner profiles in Orderly Provider Directory allows you access to every practioner with an NPI

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