Roster Automation Suite

Provider data roster updates in minutes

Orderly’s Roster Automation Suite automates, translates, and standardizes provider data across any format to help providers and payers achieve an 80-90% increase in productivity.

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Streamlined, automated process

With the click of a button, instantly process rosters that used to take hundreds of hours of manual labor

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Designed for adaptability

No new formatting standards for providers or payers; use whatever format you have and we’ll take care of the rest

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Transparent and traceable data

Easily track, validate, and audit your provider data updates, all in one place

Remove the risk of data errors and become more operationally efficient

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Streamline your roster updates

  • Remove manual labor using automatic processing and update your rosters within minutes
  • Validate and translate any format of data for a universal translation between providers and payers
  • Reduce provider friction with help of AI-enabled data automations
  • Adopt best practices with confidence during onboarding and implementation with help of Orderly’s success team

Comply with the No Surprises Act

  • Shorten your data update time from days or weeks to minutes to abide by the No Surprises Act’s 48-hour rule for provider directory updates
  • Make sure your provider data is compliant with the 90-day verified update rule by gaining visibility into the age of your data elements
  • Easily chart your path to compliance with efficient and effective Orderly data workflows
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Catch your provider data errors sooner

  • Audit and trace data updates to stay on top of network changes
  • Identify bad data with automated error detection before it becomes a problem
  • Easily and accurately translate and validate data from provider systems

“There is a roster processed in 3 minutes that would have taken a specialist 38 hrs.”

- Provider Data Management Manager
Large Regional Payer

Improve your provider network productivity with Orderly’s Roster Automation Suite

~38 seconds

Average roster processing time using Roster Automation Suite


Average team productivity increase seen by Roster Automation Suite customers


Of customer data had errors caught by Orderly’s Roster Automation Suite

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