Podcast: Orderly Health’s CEO Kevin Krauth Discusses Culture and Ambition

Failing along the way proved beneficial for Orderly Health’s CEO and Co-Founder, Kevin Krauth. In 2015, Orderly was originally founded as a patient navigation chatbot. After studying the market, Orderly pivoted in 2019 to a new market and platform focused on healthcare provider data. Kevin, along with his resilient team, found that leading his business with a mission and values-driven model results in success beyond profitability.


Kevin Krauth

"It's a matter of bringing your whole self to work. Recognizing that our best days are not going to be every single day--sometimes we have emotional things going on in our families--and we need to have grace to see that and see each other as humans, which evolves into respect and truly seeing one another."

- Kevin Krauth, CEO and Co-Founder at Orderly Health 


Better decision making happens when multiple stakeholders are involved, inclusive of a variety of opinions and ideas. Building a culture of people who work together across levels and silos is critical to how Orderly  measures its success. 


Zack Puzey at develop sits down with Orderly's CEO and Co-Founder, Kevin Krauth, to discuss culture and the ambition it takes to:

  • build a business from scratch
  • succeed as a remote company
  • drive constant connection with people 

Listen to this 30-minute podcast here:


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