How Orderly Uses NPS to Keep Customer Satisfaction High

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a widely used metric for measuring customer loyalty and satisfaction. It is based on the simple idea that customers who are willing to promote your product or service to others are likely to be more satisfied than those who are not. At Orderly Health, we calculate NPS by asking our customers how likely they are to recommend our product to a friend or a colleague on a scale of 0 to 10. Our customers who score 9 and above are considered promoters or highly satisfied and any scoring below 7 we identify as a sense of urgency to do better. These scores are then used to calculate an NPS score, ranging from  -100 to 100. In 2022, customers scored Orderly Health an 86, indicating best-in-class customer experience. So, how do we use NPS to keep our customer satisfaction so high?


NPS helps us keep customer satisfaction high in several ways:

Identify areas for improvement:

By collecting NPS scores and feedback from our customers, we can identify areas that need to improve not just with our platform but the customer experience. We use two philosophies as we drive improvement:

We are a partner, not just a vendor. Orderly relentlessly commits to seeing you succeed however you define that success. This means from the moment you sign on with Orderly Health, our customer success team will do everything in our power to give you proof that you made the best decision for your business. We do not just deliver a platform to customers and let it run itself.
We strive for first-response resolutions, minimizing the back and forth and saving our customers precious time. Our average response time is in less than an hour and we try to minimize the amount of time that our customers interact with us until the problem is fixed. Fewer touch points mean our customers focus on what they need to focus on.

Monitor customer satisfaction:

We routinely track our NPS to monitor changes in customer satisfaction. This allows us to see the impact of any changes we have made and uncover or identify trends that need innovation and attention. We celebrate our successes frequently with NPS but also work hard to correct any misses if and when we encounter this. By monitoring our NPS as our key performance indicator (KPI) and requesting customer feedback through surveys, we keep on top of customer satisfaction in an intentional way.

“I give Orderly a 10. The talent, out-of-the-box thought process, eagerness, and willingness to work as a team to achieve the goal are incredible. I have been a fan of Orderly since the first phone call” – Director, Provider Data Management

Focus on customer experience:

Since NPS is based on the likelihood of customers recommending Orderly Health to others, it encourages us to focus on providing a great customer experience. Because customer experience is so important to us, we have tools in place that help us monitor our platform 24/7. With our roster automation suite (RAS), we get notified in near-real time when a customer is experiencing an issue. At times, we are even seeing the issue before the customer does and are ready to respond ahead of it. The proactive nature of this allows our customers a seamless experience, which also results in customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Drive employee engagement:

When our employees see the impact of their actions on customer satisfaction, they are more motivated to provide great customer service and improve the customer experience. We also attribute this to the culture of engineers and support teams we hire. We seek out highly flexible and adaptable people. This ensures that our customer success team holds high value to response and will effortlessly and willingly drop what they are doing to help. Additionally, we hire outside-of-the-box thinkers so they can try different things and iterate relentlessly to solve complex problems.

“Our customers see ridiculous success because we resolve problems quickly and resiliently. In fact, one of our customers is saving about $2 million dollars a year and reduced their efforts by 80% from our platform. Another one of our customers has increased their team’s efficiency by 750%. That’s unheard of! Most of our customers get their roster data done in less than a day and are seeing success but most importantly are keeping happy. We strive to keep all our customers satisfied by proactively helping them - not just as a platform but as a team of people there to support any of their needs.” — Quintin Evans, Technical Customer Success Manager

Although we know NPS is a measurement of our customer loyalty and willingness to recommend us to others, we never assume a customer is completely satisfied or that there isn’t an area to always improve. That’s why we welcome customer feedback and suggestions and strive for the best customer experience we can give - always. Read how our customers are successfully scaling their provider data and networks with Orderly Health.

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