Same Great Team, New Logo

We have big news–this week we launched a new logo and a new website. We loved our old logo and it served us well as we began to build out what Orderly could and should be. And also, it was time to evolve it to meet us where we are now and where we want to go.

Orderly Logo Animation

Let’s get right to it. This is not a change we made just because we wanted to let the designers tinker. We are a company of ‘what’s on the horizon’ type people, but that’s not why we decided to make the shift now. Our original logo was created when Orderly was still in the process of being founded and before our pivot in 2019. It captured our founders’ ideals of making healthcare more human and building real connections between provider data and the people it serves and affects. It represented our north star.

It was also a logo that turned out to have a lot of limitations. It could only be used on white backgrounds and maintain our brand colors. It lacked the versatility to flex and represent the vibrancy and simplicity of our brand everywhere we needed it to. When it was paired with rich color, it became hard to see, and our message, hard to understand.  

Collage of old Orderly logos in use
So many gradients, so little consistency.

We also lost all nuance of the silhouette and shape when we needed to use it in monochromatic situations.

Old Orderly logos in black and white
Insert sad brand designer sounds here.

So we took a step back. We looked at where Orderly is now and where we are heading and decided this is the right time to evolve. Our brand should meet our current needs and be able grow with us through our audacious goals for the future. We needed a logo that worked in any scenario that was supported by fresh, friendly, and accessible colors and typography. 

New Orderly logo on white, blue, and grey backgrounds.

It was also important that we keep the core of what ties us back to our north star of making healthcare human, more connected. We could not be more excited to share with you our reimagining of the Orderly logo, our refreshed color scheme, and our new website. In short, we’re the same Orderly team you know, just now with a fresh new look.

New Orderly logo and logo mark
Array of new Orderly brand colors

Looking forward, we will be releasing more exciting content built with our new brand, so stay tuned in the next few months to see what’s next!