Orderly + An Academic Medical Center

Optimizing a health system’s provider directory

The customer

A regional health system and academic medical center

The challenge

With only publicly available and conflicting sources, the client struggled to refer patients to external partners with confidence and ease. Managing this external data was costly, requiring significant sourcing, management, and vetting before updating the EHR. The client wanted to improve the patient experience by reducing data errors and making it easier to manage a large number of providers. In short, their process had grown to be too manual and complex.

The solution

In partnership with Orderly Health, this client increased the accuracy and efficiency of its external provider directory. With Orderly’s help, we identified that 20% of their directory records sent for management were out of date or duplicates. 

The client was able to increase their directory accuracy by 10% (initial data load) and reduce fax errors by 80% by connecting their data with Orderly’s APIs. The client is using Orderly Health’s suite of APIs to automate updates to their network and continues to trust Orderly to keep their network accurate and up-to-date over time.

The key results


Repaired and reconciled provider records


Data accuracy increases from the initial data load


Reduction in fax errors

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